White Papers

Turkish Geothermal – Perspectives on Development, Construction, and Operations

By Ural Halaçoğlu, Matthew Fishman, Ulaş Karaağaç and William Harvey

Geothermal development in Turkey is on pace to increase installed capacity by an order of magnitude between 2010 and 2017, poising Turkey to enter the top tier of countries worldwide in the near term. This paper discusses the four pillars of support that Turkey provides that have enabled this development, including the strength of resources and data, solid institutional support, fair renewable incentives, and in-country financing avenues. These are presented from the perspective of Zorlu, a major developer and operator of several flash and binary plants. Statistics on various projects, examples of collaboration avenues and staff growth over time are presented. We also outline advances in engineering, construction, operations and capacity building that have improved plant efficiencies, development schedules and operations over the past decade of experience, and posit other advances that may be of future aid to developers.

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