Vegetable Oil Receiving, Storage, and Delivery System Replacement

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Location: Western US

POWER provided architectural, process, civil, mechanical, utility, electrical/controls final engineering, services during construction, and startup services for this vegetable oil receiving, storage, and delivery system project. The existing manual oil delivery system was replaced with an automated system that handled multiple oil types and included a new oil filtration process. The project included oil receiving, used oil processing, oil distribution, oil tank modifications, packaging room conveyor and equipment upgrades, and utility system upgrades.

The used oil processing system recovered used French fry oil for reuse. After the fry stage, the used fryer oil first passed through a filter screen at a minimum of 225 deg F to collect larger crumb solids while recovering used oil.  A screw press harvested more oil from the collected crumbs which were then augered to a tote for disposal.  The oil from both the filter screen and the screw press was processed through a paper filter to remove fine solids.  The filtered, used oil was pumped to the storage farm and ready for reuse in the frying process.