SCADA System Replacement

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Client: San Bernard Electric
Location: Texas, USA

In an interest to replace their relay system with a new SEL protection system, along with replacing their existing SCADA system, San Bernard Electric hired POWER Engineers.  POWER Engineers designed a solution that met both needs while providing more information and better control of their substations.  Using the SEL relays as a distributed I/O system, POWER Engineers configured a Survalent SCADA master to poll the relays through San Bernard Electric’s existing microwave system via the DNP 3.0 protocol. 

The overall approach was to design the first two substation installations for San Bernard Electric and provide the necessary equipment and training, including configuration and commissioning.  San Bernard Electric then continued the upgrade for the remaining substations on their system.  This approach allowed San Bernard Electric to begin quickly and complete the project themselves.  By the end of the project, they developed the expertise to manage the SCADA system on their own.