Salt Lake City Refinery Reliability Upgrade
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Client: Andeavor
Location: Utah

After a series of expensive power outages at its Salt Lake City refinery, Andeavor hired POWER to study its facility then design and implement a plan to bolster reliability of the century-old facility. The ultimate goal included the ability to island the refinery from the utility grid without disruption. The refinery’s electrical system relied on a single overhead 46 kV line to distribute power to the multiple load centers, which included two cogeneration units connected to the same bus. During the study, the refinery was contemplating several new electrical load additions to manage a heavier crude oil. POWER recommended a fully redundant and growth flexible electrical system, including two feeders for every load distribution center. The project modernized the refinery electrical system, including deploying advanced IEC 61850 protection and control schemes. The project also split cogeneration units onto separate buses. This same architecture also supports a complex load preservation system, implemented during a later project.


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