Regional Transmission Expansion - Midwestern US

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Location: Midwestern US

A consortium of regional utilities initiated a program to boost capacity and reliability of the electric transmission grid in several Midwestern states. POWER is acting as Owner’s Engineer for the sponsoring utilities for four of the projects and is also performing the detailed engineering on two of the 345 kV transmission lines with total length of about 255 miles. Collectively, this expansion will result in construction of roughly 600 miles of 345 kV transmission line, 70 miles of 230 kV transmission line, 9 new substations and modifications to several existing substations. The scope includes development of overall project procedures, the quality assurance and quality control program, common procurement specifications, detailed and integrated schedules, and updated cost estimates. POWER participated in sourcing decisions and value engineering studies to maximize buying opportunities for the sponsoring utilities. POWER is currently providing engineering oversight, including review of designs prepared by the sponsoring utilities and their consulting engineers, for two of the transmission lines. During construction, POWER will provide overall oversight regarding engineering coordination with construction.