Program Success from Engineering through Energization

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Every project needs a strong foundation – literally and figuratively. Our Geo-engineering & Geosciences Execution Plan outlines the goals and objectives and scope of work. The plan also includes the developed Interface Plans, QA/QC Plan, Permitting & Compliance Support Plan, and details Close-Out and Construction Support.


With our roots in engineering, we’re a little biased – we consider the engineering phase of a program to be a vital component to the success of a program. Engineering is where long-term value can be created for the owner through innovative and cost-effective design. Our Program Engineering Execution Plan defines the engineering scope of work and details the requirements necessary for managing the evaluation and selection of qualified engineering firms. It also defines the requirements for engineering QA/QC plans, document reviews, engineering field interface and completion of project closeout documents. Although we have a large engineering staff to draw from, we can serve as the program manager for an engineering subcontractor if preferred by the owner.


Safety is one of the most important aspects of the program. We develop the processes that integrate the needs of the Owner, the program management team and other program stakeholders. The multiple facets of this service include:


With this service, we outline the QA/QC requirements and audit procedures for the program including document control, engineering deliverables, manufacturer inspections, environmental monitoring, construction monitoring, materials receiving, and right of way inspections.

Supply Chain

A program’s long-lead items, specialty services, and the sheer quantity of some material make supply chain management and procurement challenging. We develop contracting strategies to meet your program’s requirements while also meeting your budget and schedule. Our Program Procurement Plan identifies the processes and procedures to be followed throughout the program to procure professional services, construction services, equipment, and materials.  Also established are criteria to identify qualified bidders and to rank and evaluate bids.

Construction Management

With the bulk of a program’s cost falling under construction, it is critical that this phase is well planned and monitored. We work with our clients to develop the Construction Management Execution Plan which details the construction inspection procedures, the construction QA/QC assurance plan, and the items to be covered in the weekly construction progress meetings. It also details the procedures for material expediting, receiving and deployment.

Startup & Commissioning

We understand that the real proof of a program’s success is when it is up and running. We keep ease of operations and maintenance in mind as we develop the Startup & Commissioning Execution Plan. This plan details the procedures related to commissioning and energization of the program’s systems to include: