Plains & Eastern HVDC Line

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Client: Clean Line Energy Partners
Location: Multiple Locations

 POWER provided preliminary electrical studies and preliminary transmission line design for a planned 800-mile, 600 kV HVDC transmission line from the Oklahoma panhandle through Arkansas, to Memphis, Tennessee. POWER performed preliminary design including development of preliminary/conceptual design information including preliminary design criteria, conductor and OPGW selection, families of proposed and alternative structures, foundations for these structures, and structure spotting/line design. Additional services include development of a budgetary construction cost estimate based on the conceptual design and general engineering support for the routing and siting of the transmission line. POWER also performed preliminary studies for insulation and electrical clearances, economic conductor selection, and EMF/EMI performance for the transmission line. The study work also included an effort to identifying possible locations for ground electrodes near terminal ends of the line for monopole operation and to develop an RFI for the DC converter terminals to obtain preliminary cost estimates.