Pebbly Beach Diesel Generator Controls Upgrade

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Client: Southern California Edison
Location: Catalina Island, California

SCE (Southern California Edison) requested POWER’s assistance with a control system upgrade at the Pebbly Beach Generating Station (PBGS). The PBGS is the single source of electrical power on Catalina Island. Avalon, the main town on Catalina, is about a one hour ferry ride from Long Beach, California. This resort community has about 3,000 residents year round and 12,000 during the peak tourism season. Catalina is an isolated grid with no undersea power cable connection to the mainland and all supplies (fuel, food, etc.) must be shipped in from the mainland. PBGS’s six diesel generators, 23 micro-turbines and 1 MW battery provide all the power to the island residents, as well as providing natural gas equivalent (by blending air and propane) and desalinated water to the city of Avalon. Plant operations requested that the existing hard manual operations continue to function even in the event that the DCS should cease to function.