Kizildere-3 Unit 1 Geothermal Plant
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Client: Zorlu Energy
Location: Turkey

Zorlu Energy, a major Turkish contractor and industrial holding company, engaged POWER Engineers to perform detailed design on the Kizildere-3 Unit 1 project (KZD-3U1). The project is located at the Kizildere field, to the west of the existing KZD-1 and KZD-2 projects. The new plant is a 95 MW triple-flash generation plant employing a high-pressure steam turbine and a separate condensing intermediate/low-pressure turbine, with the condensing turbine served by a wet cooling tower. The exhaust of the HP turbine is led to a binary bottoming plant. Following a cycle evaluation study and conceptual design for the preferred cycle, POWER performed the detailed plant and separator station design, spanning civil, architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, and controls aspects.