HVDC Converter Station Upgrade

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Location: Northwestern US

POWER is contracted as the Owner’s Engineer to perform AC and DC system studies and develop complete technical specifications for the upgrade of an HVDC converter station. The converter upgrade will support the future overall rating increase for the regional DC intertie. POWER will support the client in the vendor proposal review and post award support for factory and commissioning testing. This station currently has the operating capacity to transmit 3,100 MW of power at +/- 500 kV HVDC. The new converter terminals will have a rating of 3,800 MW at +/- 560 kV.

POWER, working with a leading HVDC technology subcontractor, is providing detailed analytical support including RTDS simulation and HVDC expertise to assist the client to select state of the art replacement HVDC technology for the station. The upgraded converter station will improve reliability and maintainability, and will result in lower losses while providing a best-value purchase for client.