Brownfield Plant Conversion to Accommodate Organic Cereal Facility

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Location: Midwestern US

A leading producer of organic products contracted with POWER to perform the design and installation of a new organic cereal plant. Because of the dynamic growth this client had been experiencing, they found it necessary to expand their production capacity by purchasing an idled pizza processing plant.

POWER’s client needed to have the plant converted to accept the process equipment required to produce organic cereals. Our team was retained to identify the needed changes and perform the final engineering for the building and utility modifications, including steam, water, sewer, power and air to accommodate the new organic lines. The conversion of the facility from non-organic requirements to organic needed to be accounted for and special designs were required.

A primary concern for the client was to make certain that both the existing facility and the newly purchased facility produced the same finished product.  Great care was taken to ensure that both facilities produced the same end products. POWER was involved in documenting the existing process and line needs at the client’s existing facilities. POWER, with the client’s input, completed the final design of the lines and remodel of the newly acquired property.

In the final design process, POWER produced bid specifications for the new and reused equipment and bid documents for building modifications, including mechanical and electrical construction bid documents.  POWER performed a complete power study of the new property, which included an arc flash study and provided equipment installation bid packages for both mechanical and electrical, complete design of HMIs and PLCs, complete line integration and functional specifications. This work scope was accomplished while still maintaining a common production process in order to maintain the same finished product output at both facilities. POWER also assisted with start up and final documentation of the work.