500 kV Transmission Project - Southwestern US

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Location: Southwestern US

POWER is acting as Owner’s Engineer for development of a new regional electric 500 kV transmission line between spanning two southwestern states. The line will be approximately 500 miles long. The project will allow potential future development of power from renewable energy sources, such as geothermal, wind, and solar, to be transported to regional transmission systems. Configuration options are currently being evaluated and include construction of two 500 kVAC lines, or one 500 kVAC and one 500 kVDC line. The project will interconnect with at least five substations. When complete the project is expected to have a power transfer capacity of over 3,000 MW or 4,500 MW with DC option. POWER’s services cover permitting support activities including cost estimates, structure configuration, substation arrangements, site feasibility investigation, public and agency meeting support, route identification and assessment, design criteria development, determination of construction impacts, development of mitigation measures for identified impacts, construction schedule preparation, and access plan development.