PNM 245 MW Afton OE 7FA Combined Cycle
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Client: Public Service Company of New Mexico
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

POWER Engineers was responsible for the conversion of PNM’s Afton Station for combined cycle operation. The project involved the installation of a triple pressure reheat HRSG and a steam turbine to provide an additional 107 MW of generation capacity from the exhaust heat of the existing GE 7FA gas-fired Afton turbine. The existing Afton turbine was installed by PNM in 2002. For that project, POWER served as PNM’s owner engineer throughout the project development cycle. 

POWER’s engineering scope included full and detailed AE designs for the combined cycle portions of the plant, including civil/structural engineering for the equipment foundations and equipment/piping structures, mechanical engineering for plant design and layout of piping and components, and electrical engineering for plant loads, distribution, relaying and protective systems, and switchyard systems. The Afton combined cycle project also involved control system integration of the combined cycle plant into the existing Foxboro DCS system. The project utilized a state-of-the-art parallel cooling system to limit water consumption in the project’s arid location. The parallel cooling system incorporated both a wet cooling tower and an air-cooled condenser.