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POWER to support Inter Pipeline with Canada’s first integrated propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene plant

June 2018

HAILEY, Idaho (June 11, 2018) ‒ Inter Pipeline, Ltd., selected POWER Engineers, Inc. (POWER), to provide professional engineering services for the Central Utilities Block (CUB) at Heartland Petrochemical Complex located in Strathcona County, Alberta. Under this contract, POWER’s scope will include detailed design of the CUB facility as well as procurement support. POWER has also enlisted the support of Fortress Engineering of Calgary to provide additional procurement support and specialty services. The 96 MW CUB will provide steam, boiler feedwater, demineralized water, compressed air, electricity and other utilities required by the propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and polypropylene (PP) process plants.

“POWER Engineers has a great reputation of designing quality cogeneration plants,” said Chuck Ellis, General Manager of Project Development for Inter Pipeline.  “Inter Pipeline has worked diligently to procure world-class experts and materials to support this project, and we are pleased to be working with such a dedicated and committed team of professionals.”

The Heartland Petrochemical Complex will be designed to convert locally-sourced, low-cost propane into 525,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year. Construction of the complex is underway with an estimated completion scheduled for late 2021. Consisting of a PDH and PP facility, the Heartland Petrochemical Complex will cost approximately $3.5 billion (Can.).

“We are excited to work with Inter Pipeline on Canada’s first integrated PDH and PP plant,” said Gerry Murray, POWER’s Executive Vice President. “We look forward to the successful execution of this project and continuing our relationship with Inter Pipeline, Ltd.”