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POWER Engineers supports the ADMS initiative at Arizona Public Service

February 2018

HAILEY, Idaho (Feb. 16, 2018) — POWER Engineers Incorporated (POWER) worked with Arizona Public Service (APS) to provide a complete GIS network model in support of the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) initiative. This initiative included the implementation of the Outage Management module, ties to the controls and data acquisition in the substation, addition of distributed generation (solar), modeling networked secondary conductors, preparation for SCADA outside the substation, and automated switching orders.

APS looked to have a single source of truth for all operations data when it embarked on the implementation of Schneider Electric’s Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).  Tied to the utility’s ADMS initiative, the POWER team took on one of the toughest challenges – to supply system operators with the information needed to keep the lights on – from the distribution network and equipment catalogs to load information.

Key to this effort, the POWER team enabled the geographic information system (GIS) network model for detailed distribution equipment and true connectivity – from the distribution substation to the customer meters. The new GIS network model is the first to include all secondary conductors, a key component in managing load flow and protecting the electrical power supply to large customers depending on multiple transformers.  The complete network model gives utility operators greater flexibility to analyze system data, perform switching activities and efficiently manage electrical distribution.

APS has a state-of-the-art energy control center that supports the delivery of power through nearly 1,500 distribution feeders across the state of Arizona. The new ADMS allows its operators to support the distribution system with more advanced functions that include load management, restoration switching analysis, state estimation, as well as training simulation and event playback.

“After almost three years, the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) has gone live at APS and after two short days the old OMS (outage management system) was put into historical hibernation. It was a huge success with a large penetration of end users leveraging the tools beyond our first month targets,” says John Peters, IT Dist Ops Supervisor. “The vendors and APS team involved have done a great job. Kudos to Schneider Electric, POWER Engineers, Wipro, Slalom, F5 and Accenture. Without the network model of the grid – all we had was some hardware to play with.”

This new solution is aligned with the APS smart grid roadmap and is expected to reduce human error, while increasing situational awareness, system performance and increased reliability.