Press Releases

POWER Engineers, Idaho’s Only CSIA Firm

June 2002

HAILEY, IDAHO – In an effort to continually improve, POWER Engineers Inc. recently became Idaho’s first and only engineering firm included in the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). As the largest North American independent integrators association, CSIA represents companies that provide over $1 billion in automation equipment and services. Member firms provide automation solutions for clients located throughout the world in a variety of industries, including food, electronic assembly and power.

POWER Engineers’ membership represents a new standard of excellence the company intends to provide.

“By becoming a member of CSIA, we are demonstrating our commitment to become the preferred provider of industrial automation services to our current and prospective clients,” states Bret Moffett, POWER’s IT Department Manager. “The CSIA objective of assisting its members reach their maximum potential is good not only for individual integrators, but for their clients and the industry as a whole.”

Normal O’Leary, Executive Director of CSIA, echoed this sentiment.

“POWER Engineers’ CSIA membership is a clear statement that they are committed to maintaining a leadership role in providing control system integration services. This is reinforced by CSIA’s ‘Best Practices and Benchmarks’ program and landmark registration process that offer members a methodology to evaluate and continuously improve their business. And it also provides their clients, for the first time, an industry-specific method of identifying, qualifying, evaluating, selecting, and managing control system integrators.”

“We are proud to have POWER Engineers as a part of CSIA,” O’Leary concluded.

POWER is currently a regular member and will be required to become a registered member before 2005. Becoming a registered member involves passing an intensive independent audit that measures the firm in six business areas (General Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Quality Management, Financial Management, and Business Development). The firm’s performance is ranked against established criteria. In addition, recertification is required every three years; thus, maintaining a high standard of performance for clients. Further requirements for membership include that firms market automation system services, specifically to provide design, engineering, and commissioning services; supply multi-vendor products; and be an independently owned or operated-for-profit business.

A feather in the cap for CSIA is that National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), a nationally recognized trade association with nearly 600 members. is providing support and guidance in procedural and administrative matters. NEMA’s support is due to the importance they have seen for automation solution providers. The need for automation solution providers continues to grow due to rapidly changing technology, corporate down-sizing, and increased automation requirements.

POWER Engineers’ headquarters is located in Hailey, Idaho, with its largest branch in Boise, and eight additional offices in such major markets as Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver and Portland, Oregon. In its 26th year of operation, the company currently employs 600 people.