Cityworks速 Services

Cityworks速 and Esri ArcGIS combine to make the perfect platform for designing and creating GIS-centric public asset management solutions. Cityworks AMS速 tracks a combination of asset information, location data, work history, asset condition and cost information. And with its analysis capability can reinforce your asset management program.

Add Cityworks Server PLL速 to provide all the land-focused asset management capabilities for permitting, licensing and code enforcement.

Our dedicated Cityworks practice consists of senior-level consultants and technical expertsaveraging 15 years of experience in asset management and permitting solutions.

What Is Cityworks?

With mapping and reporting capabilities at their fingertips, staff at all levelsfield workers, call takers, and administrationget the information they need to perform their jobs efficiently and make wise use of the resources to manage assets and provide services. In Cityworks, service requests, work orders, inspections, and projects are used to track citizen concerns and all types of work activitiespreventive or reactivewith their associated costs. Mapped event layers can be created to display information such as all open requests, pending switch cabinet inspection, all repaired potholes for a given time period, etc. The combination of asset information, location data, work history, asset condition and cost information are tracked and readily available to analyze the efficiencies of your workforce and to form the underpinnings of your organizations asset management program. Adding Cityworks Server PLL to a deployment provides all the land-focused asset management capabilities for permitting, licensing, and code enforcement.

Cityworks Platinum Partner

An essential component of the Cityworks solution is the partner to help you implement Cityworks. As a platinum level Cityworks implementation partner with a 20-year relationship with Azteca Systems, the maker of Cityworks, and an Esri foundation partner, we have proven experience getting Cityworks solutions into production faster and easier through our interactive project delivery minimizing risks and satisfying users. We put your GIS, asset management, and operations data into the right hands from executives to field crews. Our Cityworks team averages 15 years of experience dedicated to asset management and permitting solutions for the office and the field. Rooted in IT operations and geospatial technology, our capabilities span a broad base of industry experience from small public utilities, public works operations, permitting and land management to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects for utilities and local government. Many types of public asset management projects benefit from our expertise and the power of the Cityworks platform. Learn more

Our Areas of Expertise

No matter your organizations industry, we have the experience to help your successful deployment of Cityworks:

  • Electric Utilities
  • Gas Utilities
  • Water Utilities
  • Wastewater and Stormwater
  • Local Government (City and County)
  • Treatment Plants
  • Streets, Lighting, Signs
  • Building, Facility, Fleet
  • Parks, Recreation, Forestry
  • Vegetation Management
  • Permits, Licenses, Land Use

Implementation Services

Our reputation is built on best practices. Client satisfaction is our number one goal. We deliver Cityworks solutions that fit your business and improve your organizational and technical capabilities. Leveraging what we know works and what we have done before, we help you succeed.

Planning and Design

Work of any kind is the core of the product. With our understanding of business processes analysis and re-engineering workflows, we deliver Cityworks solutions that improve work efficiency whether off the shelf or a unique application, we make it work for you, your business and your processes.

Requirements and Configuration

Involving users early in the process to define requirements, you can trust us to address the gaps with our knowledge and skills to support your goals and leverage your capabilities. We carefully craft solutions that provide the right functionality for more efficient operations.

Migration Services

As you move from legacy systems into Cityworks by migrating work orders, service requests, and other data sources into one asset repository, you raise the value of your investment. Our experience shows that a structured methodology often improves the quality of data and streamlines work processes. Migrations may include an evaluation of existing data, mapping source data to the target system and tools for automating the process and correcting data quality issues. We have migrated from many legacy systems, including Hansen, DataStream, Cartegraph, Davey Tree, Tokay, FAMIS, Cititech, Motorola 311, iWorks and more.

Custom Development

The GIS-centric platform of Cityworks becomes a powerhouse for enhanced applications, ready-made components and unique workflows that add more value to your organization. We have extensive experience extending the Cityworks platform to provide targeted customer specific productivity enhancements. A few examples include:

  • Business logic incorporated into Cityworks forms (e.g. query the CIS database to validate that meter numbers entered by field crews are valid)
  • Inspection forms pre-populated with data from other enterprise databases
  • Web-based citizen websites for service request creation
  • ERP project and warehouse information synchronized with Cityworks projects and material libraries
  • Utility billing service orders integrated with Cityworks work orders
  • Customized dashboards and reports (Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services)

Training and Support

End user training is essential to a successful project. We have experienced trainers on staff who know the Cityworks product inside and out and who know how to best use it in your industry. Collaborating with you to transfer knowledge, we help facilitate your own specialists those valuable experts within your organization who maintain and sustain the system. Our training programs are custom fitted to your implementation. From configuration through deployment we provide personalized attention that ensures a smooth transition to production use of the Cityworks solution.

Mobile and Cloud Deployments

Mobile Deployments

We provide a complete suite of services for the full line of Cityworks-based mobile products. With our experience using Cityworks Field Mode and off-the-shelf or custom mobile solutions, we enable field crews to bring physical asset and work management information directly to their work site. Using mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) with location-enabled applications (Freeance, infraMAP, etc.), field crews capture and maintain information, which, in turn, is used to update Cityworks, the GIS and other integrated systems automatically.

Cloud Deployments

Dont want to host the software on premise? No worries, Cityworks can be deployed in the cloud. Let POWER help you take advantage of the lower costs, lower maintenance efforts, scalability and faster deployment time offered by cloud based solutions.

Asset Management Strategies

How are you using asset information?

  • Customer management
  • Capital planning
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Condition ratings
  • Work order management
  • Inspections
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Performance measures
  • Web-based service requests
  • Executive dashboards

You can relyIAM22b on our certified IAM professionals to identify opportunities for improving asset and work management processes and implementing GIS and asset management technology to support reliability centered planning as well as maintenance. Our experience includes asset modeling for utilities and public worksgetting the right data into the system for enterprise use. From design to analysis, we plan and implement life-cycle assessment solutions based on industry standards for asset management. The inter-relationship of business processes such as billing, inspections, and customer service are at the core of efficient and sustainable asset management. Our integration strategies leverage the GIS platform as a trusted source of enterprise asset information for life-cycle planning and maintenance.

Integration Strategies

Cityworks APIs and POWERBus360 middleware enable multiple systems to talk to Cityworks. Fully leveraging enterprise design architecture and providing asset information across the organization are essential to efficient work and asset management solutions. Integration strategies developed for multiple platforms server, mobile, and web promote the scalable use of Cityworks throughout your organization.

Have you determined an integration strategy? Contact Kristi Norman to learn more about the POWERBus360