POWER Engineers is a premier designer of critical power solutions to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. POWER’s select team of cleared experts specializes in the design of highly reliable power and control infrastructure systems used to secure critical installations. POWER’s critical power team has supported more than $150 million in critical infrastructure projects for the Intelligence Community in the U.S. and overseas over the last five years as both a prime and subconsultant.

Our team of cleared engineers understands the complexity of integrating existing electrical systems with new and recapitalized equipment. We have extensive experience with mission-critical infrastructure outage constraints, and we provide detailed system cutover sequences to mitigate risk to the overall mission.

Our engineering, testing, commissioning, and cutover plans have set the benchmark for the transition of upgraded electrical, mechanical, and SCADA systems. Our critical power team provides exceptional engineering solutions for our nation’s most critical customers for seamless and uninterrupted mission operations.

Critical Power

POWER’s team understands the mission-critical needs of the Intelligence Community.  We provide close technical coordination with the government and their on-site O&M providers during all design and commissioning phases. Whether supporting recapitalization of aging equipment, facility expansions, or electrical upgrades, we design power systems to meet the government’s highest standards for redundancy, reliability, and maintainability.

Our integrated design teams comprised of architectural, civil, structural, electrical, controls, and mechanical disciplines configure and integrate all infrastructure components to meet the Uptime Institute’s Tier III or Tier  IV requirements. We also have select staff with Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) certifications. Our team has proven and demonstrated expertise providing complex, technical solutions for critical infrastructure that enables seamless and uninterrupted mission operations.  

Critical Power Services

  • Single-point of failure analysis
  • Redundant electrical configuration design
  • Tier III/IV assessments for electrical and mechanical infrastructure
  • System cutover/integration and construction sequencing plans
  • Master planning
  • Emergency/backup generator design
  • Uninterruptable power system design
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Pre-engineered solutions for remote locations


POWER’s critical power team, including select staff with Industrial Control System Cybersecurity 301 Training, specializes in providing unmatched engineering expertise in SCADA systems. We are uniquely qualified to provide cleared technical support to integrate a broad spectrum of disparate control components for generation, medium/high-voltage switchgear, and substation controls for monitoring, controlling, and protective relaying. The team has demonstrated expertise designing these systems using protective relaying devices, remote terminal units (RTUs), PLCs, SCADA operator interface software, and custom software. For end-point usage, the team has expertise with complex building management systems (BMS) and energy management control systems (EMCS) for energy efficiency and savings.

Our SCADA engineering and designs not only support redundant and uninterruptible backup power delivery but also provide protection against cyber threats.  POWER’s SCADA system and cybersecurity designs enable our federal clients to maintain critical infrastructure and keep information secure for 24/7 mission-sensitive operations.

SCADA Design Services

  • Development of control philosophy
  • Plant-level SCADA design and execution
  • Communications network architecture design
  • Integration of data from diverse communication protocols
  • Monitoring and control of manufacturing systems
  • Human machine interface (HMI) programming
  • Control system design
  • Instrumentation design
  • Plant interlock and process design
  • Control panel design
  • Logic and HMI design and configuration
  • Network and wiring design
  • Simulation/bench testing of SCADA software applications prior to implementation in the field to mitigate risk of unscheduled outages or delays during construction/implementation

Cybersecurity Services

  • Enterprise and infrastructure planning
  • SCADA system development and migration
  • Server configuration
  • Server client environment design
  • Virtualization and emulation
  • Cloud migration
  • Patching/updating/upgrading/recapitalization
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Security weakness mitigation reports
  • Firewall configurations
  • Traffic routing configurations


POWER provides unmatched engineering analysis and support for unbiased, third-party assessments and red team reviews to support the U.S. government’s complex design and operational requirements.  POWER implements a comprehensive approach to evaluate the client’s multiple integrated critical systems and then provides documented recommendations to the government to protect against single points of failure.  Our approach provides:

  • Field analyses to evaluate existing systems, vulnerabilities, and configuration requirements/constraints
  • N+1 or N+2 assessments of electrical systems to reveal single points of failure
  • Arc flash studies
  • Electrical modeling using ETAP or SKM software
  • Protective relay coordination
  • System reliability analysis

Testing and Commissioning

POWER Testing and Energization, a subsidiary of POWER Engineers, is a NETA-certified electrical testing and commissioning company that provides maintenance and commissioning services for electrical components within critical systems. We provide services that promote long-term, efficient operation of electrical generation and delivery systems.

Our personnel have the equipment, certification, and training to operate and energize high-voltage equipment. We mobilize teams to all parts of the United States and overseas, servicing power delivery systems from 480 V to 500 kV and generation systems up to 1650 MW.

Testing and Commissioning Services

  • Acceptance testing
  • Protective relaying settings
  • Substation commissioning
  • Energization support
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Thermal scanning
  • Field engineering
  • Arc flash safety training
  • Electrical equipment refurbishment and repair
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • NERC compliance testing
  • Troubleshooting of electrical equipment or systems
  • IEC 61850 migration