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My Three Favorite Features of ArcFM XI’s Second Release

November 2, 2018

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by Robert Krisher
Senior GIS Consultant, POWER Engineers

With the second release of ArcFM XI, Schneider has added several new features that provide some key quality of life improvements to using Esri’s Utility Network. While there are several great features to discuss, for this article I’m narrowing the list to my top three.

#1. Validation Assistant

Anyone who has spent time editing with the Utility Network knows that the new validation framework and error tables are both a blessing and a curse. They’re fantastic for pointing out where you’ve made a mistake while editing, but the error messages are cryptic and leave out a lot of key information that is important to understanding and resolving the issue. The ArcFM Validation Assistant solves this issue by providing an easy-to-use graphical interface for reviewing all your point, line and polygon errors in a single tab. It also provides links to documentation online that provide examples of each type of error along with multiple examples of how to resolve each type of error.

#2. Squeeze Off

The next piece of functionality I was excited to see was one for all the gas customers out there. While the first release of ArcFM XI provided all electric and gas traces from ArcFM Classic, there was one notable feature missing for gas customers: the ability to place squeeze offs. With this new release of ArcFM XI you’re now covered! You can now squeeze off any pinchable pipes in your network just like before, allowing you to accurately determine the best way to isolate areas within your network. This is important because a well-placed pinch can often be the difference between taking an outage on a few customers versus a few hundred customers!

#3 ArcFM Solution Center

The last improvement with ArcFM XI is something for all the administrators out there. This latest release includes the first rollout of the ArcFM Solution Center which will allow your organization’s administrators to manage users, configurations and monitoring for your entire organization. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, it provides a lot of value. The previous release of ArcFM XI had several files that needed to be configured and deployed to every workstation that was using ArcFM XI.  The solution center in the new release however, makes sure that whenever a user connects, they will automatically download the latest configuration to their workstation. Very efficient!

ArcFM Solution Center

Enterprise Configuration

There are certainly more new features included in this release, but I wanted to leave something for the reader to discover on their own. If you have any questions about ArcFM XI or the Utility Network, feel free to send me an email at Robert.Krisher@powereng.com. I’m especially curious to hear what features you’re most excited about in this release!

About the Author:

Robert is a Senior Consultant in POWER’s Geospatial and Asset Management group with over 10 years of industry experience. Robert excels at pushing the boundaries of what is possible with GIS and related technologies at utilities, often by re-purposing proven technologies and methods in clever ways. As an active member of many early access programs across the industry and author of more than a dozen published articles, Robert is a recognized expert with Esri’s latest technology including ArcGIS Pro and the new Utility Network. He loves finding innovative solutions to complex challenges and sharing his insights with the GIS community. If you have any questions or comments for Robert, you can contact him at robert.krisher@powereng.com.